At St John's we aim to foster inquisitive scientists who have enthusiasm for the subject and have a strong understanding of the world around them.  We want our children to develop an understanding of the uses and implications of science, how it has changed and shaped our lives and how vital it is to the world’s future prosperity.  

Our lessons are rooted in scientific enquiry with open questions and practical hands-on experiences that encourage a deeper understanding and curiosity. Making new discoveries increases children’s sense of awe and wonder at the complexity of the world we live in.

Our Science curriculum at St John’s is taught in year groups with science learning beginning in our Early Years Unit where children are encouraged to make sense of their physical world and their community. This is done through a wide variety of experiences delivered in a fun and engaging way, inside and outside if the classroom.

The curriculum throughout school is coherently planned and sequenced enabling all children to develop their knowledge and skills whilst revisiting and building on key learning. The sequencing of units has been carefully considered, taking into account children’s previous learning in both Science and other subjects and also appropriate times of year for certain units.  Medium and Short term planning is based on the ‘PLAN Primary Science resources’.  All of the above provides a clear structure and progression to our science curriculum.

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