At St John’s, we believe that nurturing happy and healthy children is central to all aspects of their learning and development.  The PSHE curriculum enables pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives, now and in the future. We aim for our children to have high aspirations, self-belief and resilience to achieve anything they set their minds on. 

Our goal is to provide all our pupils, particularly our most vulnerable and disadvantaged, with the understanding of different factors, which might affect their world and offer positive strategies of how to deal with these, so that they thrive and have good mental health and well-being.

St John’s CE Primary School has adopted the PSHE Association question-based model: programme of study 2020. This programme of study supports schools to provide a comprehensive programme that also integrates the statutory RSHE content. This broader PSHE programme includes economic wellbeing, careers and enterprise education. The programme of study sets out learning opportunities for each key stage under three core themes: Health and Well-Being, Relationships, and Living in the Wider World.

Medium terms plans have been developed based on the PSHE Association question-based programme builders. The content is well-matched to the needs of the pupils. It is age (developmentally) appropriate and is based on what pupils are likely to need to know (including any safeguarding considerations) and what they are likely to be able to understand. The curriculum is sequenced and progressively builds upon prior knowledge. The curriculum includes the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, the development of skills and respectful attitudes. It is also inclusive, so it meets the needs of all pupils.

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