Before and After School Club

On October 1st 2019, St John’s opened its very first Before and After School Club.  After surveying the community, there was a resoundingly positive response from our families who really felt that extended provision would make busy lives a lot easier and the club has now opened.

The Club is completely flexible.

Parents can choose either or both ends of the day on an as and when needed basis, ie, in an emergency or if a meeting at work comes up that you could do to attend at short notice, or a barrier to collecting your children on any given day.

There is  a Registration pack available from the School Offices; it has things to sign in there in the event of needing to use the Club, such as adults who might collect from club as these might be different from those who collect from school. we also need extra permission to watch PG films/illnesses etc.

Casual users of the clubs will be able to phone (07935 063 953) or email ( Miss Smith, the Club Leader to book a place/s.

With Before school – you won’t be charged if your child doesn’t attend as planned.

With After School club – 2.30pm will be the cut off point for parents to let Miss Smith know if your child is attending the after school club on any given day.

All payments are made through parent pay with the exception of  morning sessions when breakfast will be an extra charge for children to pay in cash.  Charges are on the forms in the pack.

Afternoon session include a snack.

All charging information again is in the pack and is very reasonable.

The main ethos of the club is that there is a relaxed and happy atmosphere that is different from the school day and not an extension of it.  The main point is that you know that the children are being cared for and having a nice time in the provision Before and After School.

In order for children to start accessing the club, parents need to fill out the registration form